The Working Smarter Volunteer Development Series

The Working Smarter Volunteer Development Series is a set of three Volunteer Handbooks with accompanying Trainer’s Guides which provide a comprehensive, fun and hands-on training program for organizations with volunteers providing front-line service.

A Guide to Collaboration

This is the challenge: many times, leaders find it very difficult to govern, manage and provide healthy processes at a community-wide level in a win-win fashion. When partnering organizations have different organizational cultures, values, languages, personalities, and agendas, it can create a win-lose situation with diverging agendas, misalignments and conflict.

Risk Management Guide for Non Profits

Does your organization face unknown risks? Do you want to plan for your organization’s future with more certainty? In this guide we provide you with the information and guidance you need to perform a risk assessment and develop mitigation strategies. A straightforward and easy to read guide packed with information – a must-have for any non-profit!

The Nurturing Leader

Like plants in a garden, people in organizations require a nurturing environment to grow and reach their potential. Leaders and managers need the right tools and strategies to tend to their gardens. The Nurturing Leader provides practical  hands-on activities and...