The Working Smarter Volunteer Development Series


The involvement of volunteers in community service organizations is key to creating widespread and lasting change. The Working Smarter Project appreciates the importance of providing a fulfilling and safe environment for all volunteers. This appreciation is personified in our new resource – the Working Smarter Volunteer Development Series. This complete series consists of resourceful handbooks  and training curriculums. Each handbook and its accompanying trainer’s guide is designed to develop volunteers and equip them with specific knowledge, skills and resources to carry out their tasks while also enhancing their overall experience in human and community service.


In this volunteer development series, we distinguishes three key volunteer roles and functions:

  • Intake
  • Case Management
  • Companion


Click the images below for a preview of some of the tools and activities in the Volunteer Handbooks:

case study preview_Page_1motivation case study preview_Page_3 2case study preview_Page_3Untitled8